Taking showers at night or in the morning??

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I was wondering what I should do with my hair ..like if I should take a shower at night or in the morning. During the school months I don't have a lot of time in the morning with getting ready. My hair is naturally straight and I tend to have oily hair. I feel like every time I take a shower at night, I wake up with oily looking hair and it is flat on one side. Whenever I take a shower in the morning, I don't have time to blow dry my hair. If I don't blow dry it, it looks oily and is "crunchy". It is kind of frustrating. I was wondering if anyone had advice about what I should do.


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I don't know if this will help you, but I feel like showering at night works for me. It saves me time in the morning (since I wake up around 6:30!!!), and it is better for your face, because it gets all the oil out of your hair therefore when you sleep, it will not get on your pillow and then onto your face. Also, if you have makeup on during the day and don't like to remove it, it is an easy step to remove it in the shower (unless it is eyeliner! I have trouble rubbing it off in the shower) and will not make you break out overnight. I you feel this messes up your hair, you can either fix it in the morning with a straight iron, very quickly. OR take your shower in the morning and wake up earlier so you can blow-dry your hair. If you hair is oily in the morning from taking a shower at night, try switching your shampoos.


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Try showering at night and sleeping with a ponytail or bun in. You could also try shampoo for oily hair, or if you shower in the mouring pick up some dry shampoo it will absorb any oil in your hair.


Like prettyinpa said, one thing that you could do that would be quick and easy if you shower and wash your hair at night is to use a dry shampoo in the mornings.  A dry shampoo that I really like a lot is Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo.  It is a talc-free dry shampoo that's great for refreshing your hair between washings.  The dry shampoo allows you to extend your blowout and refresh your hair between washings.  This anti-aging dry shampoo is formulated to gently absorb excess oil, product build-up and impurities.  This product reenergizes your hair, leaving it with a clean, soft texture and a pleasant fresh scent.  It is paraben-free and it's also excellent for enhancing volume.  You can find it here:  http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P269718&categoryId=B70

Another thing you could do is to pin up your hair when you shower at night and wait and wash it quickly in the sink in the mornings.  Of course, that's still going to leave you having to blow dry and style it, but it won't take as long to quickly wash your hair in the sink as it would to take a complete shower.

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Try using less product when you shower at night. You may be using too much, which would make your hair oily looking. Also, you can try using a dry shampoo or conditioner in the morning. This will take the oily look out of your hair and just make it shine. Try showering every other day, too. Hope I helped Smiley Happy


I have very thick hair, so I take a shower at night instead of before school. I reccomend it, too. It's a great way to end the day. Use dry shampoo in the morning to absorb oil. And if your hair is falling flat and boring by the morning? Try a volumizing hair powder such as Got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder. This powder will absorb oil and give you nice volume for the day. And if your looking for a different texture, try braiding your hair on a Friday night after a shower, and in the morning on Saturday, undo the braids and see how it looks on you. If you like it, redo this on weeknights for perfect hair for school. There is also another "sleep-in styler" to use. You can use an old T-Shirt to make your hair curly. It's the eco-friendly way to achieve gorgeous hair! Go to Youtube and search Eco-Friendly Beauty. Click on the first video called "Eco-Friendly Beauty". It is by Michelle Phan. This is how I learned to do this, and I got tons of complimentsSmiley Very Happy



got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder





i know what you mean about waking up with flat oily hair. here's my recommendation: shower in the morning, shampooing but skip the conditioner. since you have oily hair, it should be oiliest at the top. so in order to condition your crunchy hair, towel dry your hair until it is just barely damp and spray a leave in condition from the middle of your hair to the bottom. this way, your hair is conditioned but your giving love to areas that really need it. good luck!!
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Like you, I also have oily hair. I wash it just about every night because between exercise and my outdoor lifestyle, it gets dirty by the end of the day. If I wake up with it looking less than perfect, I give it a spritz of Oscar Blandi Proto Invisible Voluminzing Dry Shampoo. This dries up any oiliness, gives my thin hair volume and is clear so if I miss brushing a spot, the powder doesn't show. 


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a great think to is to have shower at night then blow dry it or wait for it to dry.( make sure you wash out all of your shammpoo and conditioner, i used to actdently keeps some of it in thier and it happened to make my hair oily) i use tressame fresh start when i dont have enogh time in the morings for school.you should be able to find it for around six dollers. if you want to go even chepper use baby powder. just put the baby powder in your hand, then put your comb through it. then comb it through your hair and when needed add more baby powder.(its also great if your traveling to use this tip) it also works for getting rid of shine on your face. i hope i helped ! Smiley Happy


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