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Hey guys. I don't know if anyone can help me, but I have really frizzy, dry, sorta-curly hair. When I use the curling creme by KMS and a little cheap hair gel with a run of hairspray, my hair looks good for the day, but I've run out of KMS.


I'm fine with my natural texture, I just need something that will seriously control my frizz. I've tried everything, and honestly, the KMS worked great for a one day thing, and I wash my hair every other day or every three days.


I've been looking into the Josie Maran argan oil hair serum. Can anyone vouch for it? Or anything else?



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MintyLotus <3 for your name. ^-^

Re: Super Frizzy Curly Hair

Have you tried the curly girl method?

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I've run the light argan oil (not the one marketed for hair) and it was a non greasy way to tame the fly-aways. There is a thread of codes and you can try a deluxe sample to see if it or something else would work.


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