I'm looking for a new straightner. I have very fine, curly hair, and I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations. If you could reccomend a good heat protectant too, that'd be great. Right now I'm using the Reddken Texturizing spray. A lot of the protectants I've tried make my hair SUPER greasy. Thanks :smileyhappy:

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I know that some people said CHI and I don't disagree, it works great.For a year.... I have only had mine for 1 and a half years and its already losing its power. It no longer straitens well :/ I don't know if there is a warranty but I have heard that a lot of people have the same problem with CHI.

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I'm pretty sure that Sephora doesn't sell them but Chi is amazing. My boyfriend got me one recently and it heats up super fast and is great for straightening. Other than suggesting that brand I'd say ceramic plate straighteners are the best. And to protect from the heat I use Chi 44 iron guard and it's been working great so far.

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Hi foreverneverbe,


I'd recommend the GHD classic 1 inch straightener. The cermaic plates make straightening super easy and give the hair a beautiful sheen. The classic works beautifully on all hair types. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant spray works really well, it's lightweight and smells good :smileyhappy:.


ghd - Classic 1 Inch Styler

ALTERNA - Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray



Whimsically yours,
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Hey girly! so i've used SOO MANY hair straighteners and I find that the chi air ones are really good .Also for a heat protectant I use a brazillian blowout flat iron spray that smells like coconut :smileyhappy: The key to not getting greasy hair is to only spray the protectant on the ends of your hair cuz frankily thats the area of your hair that gets the most damage. Hope  i helped!

-Jessi <3

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I love my Croc straightener!  I have the Classic Titanium 1" LED iron - it has adjustable heat settings from 280 to 450 degrees, 30 min auto shut-off (a must for me), and a really long, swivel cord.  The Croc does a great job of straightening my hair in one pass and leaves it looking soft and shiny.  

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I have tried CHI and would not reccomend it. I have used two different ones and it sizzles and smokes. I know someone who is a professional hairdresser and no straightner should EVER do that! I would reccomend GHD which I have not had any problems with! 

Emily :smileyhappy:

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