Straightner that curls
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I need a straightner, but the thing is that i have pin drop straight hair so i am only getting a straighnter so i can curl my hair! What is a great straightner for curling that is lees than $40 ??

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Hi! While I can't suggest a good straightened, I do know of a technique that you can use to curl it. If you have thicker hair, its probably a good idea to section it off, to make sure that you get all of your hair curled and to insure you haven't left any strands undone. Holding your straightner vertical, upside down, grab a small section of hair and clamp down about half way down the strands. By lightly flicking and curling your wrists out in different directions you should achieve a look of spiral curls. If there is any confusion, just look up some videos on youtube(that's how I learned! Smiley Happy) Hope this helps!

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