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Hey everyone! So last week I posted a question on what products are best to use to de-poofing my hair and keeping the frizz out when I want my hair to naturally air dry without heat. Now, I want to know what the best products (from Sephora or elsewhere) are for straighening hair. I'm trying to cut back on using heat on my hair in general, but sometimes I will want to straighten it. I'm trying to take better care of my hair so I can grow it even longer and keep my ends nice, so using the top quality products, no matter how expensive, are worth it! So if you know of any excellent products for straightening hair, hook me up! Smiley Happy

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I use Aquage Silkening Oil on my hair before I dry and Aquage Beyond Shine spray as I straighten my hair with my flat iron. I have tried what seems like hundreds of products to get my curly/wavy hair ultra-straight and these have worked the best. My stylist recommended them to me & I love them.  I’ve never been a big fan of the salon purchased products but these were definitely worth it.  I spent most of my summer in Houston last year for work & even with the 100% humidity some days my hair stayed straight.   I even use the Silkening Oil on my hair when I am going to curl it.

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