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I have a CHI straightener and was recently informed that the ELLA straightener was better. I have thick coarse wavy hair and use my straightener daily. What type of straightener would be best, I know there are numerous brands out there!

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I have the same hair issue as you and tried many professional straightners and love, love the Sedu Revolution (at Folica).  It works wonders and you only need one swipe through each section for shiny, smooth hair.  I took it to my hairdresser and now she recommends it to others.  I have owned it for two years with no issues and it came with a neat heat-proof pad.

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I have really thick stubborn wavy hair and I absolutely love the new morrocan oil hair straightener! It's fast, only needing one pass through, and left my hair so soft and shiny.  I definitely like it better than my chi.

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I wouldn't recommend the ELLA Straightener. We bought several for my mom's salon and they stylists and customers hated it. They pulled the hair and chipped the first use. Two of the stylists sold theirs, the other two were shipped back to ELLA and Richi, the owner, never would give us our money back. Then we asked they ship them back to us and he claimed he lost the package even after we had USPS delivery proof. He wouldn't answer our calls or emails after that. He basically stole a couple of hundred dollars from us since that's what they cost. Not only is the product bad, the company is immoral. Shop elsewhere, take my experience into consideration!

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