Second day waves/ curls
Hii! My hair is naturally wavy with a few little ringlets throw in too. I get partial highlights in the winter, to keep my natural blonde hair bright. In the colder months with less humidity, I blow it out and sometimes straighten but between May and October, I always let it air dry naturally. After I sleep though, my hair becomes matted and messy in a not nice way, but I don't want to wash my hair everyday and dry It out! Are there any products to revitalize my waves and perk up my hair?
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I have a similar hair type, but brunetteSmiley Wink What I do is spray my hair with the ouidad mist noted below & some of the BB surf spray (not too much or my hair gets crunchy, yuck)  then roll my hair into a sock bun while I sleep. When I wake I take my hair down & apply an anti-frizz product and my hair is soft & curly!  If you're not familiar with the sock-bun technique for curls you will love it! Cuts 20 minutes out my morning routine!!!


Sock bun curls:

  1. Cut the toe off a man's dress sock & roll into a donut
  2. Spritz hair w/ products mentioned above until slightly damp
  3. Pull hair into a high ponytail at the crown
  4. Use the sock like a ponytail holder, but slide to ends of the pony, tuck the ends under & begin rolling down until you have a sock bun at your crown
  5. Clamp in place (I use the T3 butterfly clips)
  6. Go to sleep & wake up with beautiful curls/waves!

You can check out videos of the process on you tube. Hope this helps!

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