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Protecting my hair before styling

What hair protective product do you recomend? I was looking at purchasing Keratin Perfect Renew Daily Spray.  Do you think that is the right product?


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YES! You are definitly on the right track! This product has great reviews and won't weigh your hair down! A must try! 



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I cannot rave enough about Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment. Not only does it NOT weigh your hair down, but it adds incredible softness, strength, and shine to hair before styling. I blow dry my hair and flat iron it about three to four times a week and on top of that my hair is color-treated. This is the ONLY hair product that I have found that multitasks so well and leaves my usually parch strands moisturized and protected. Give it a try, I doubt you will be disappointed. I have turned all of my friends and family into believers lol.

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Hi Trina43,


The Keratin Spray is a great product and gives lots of good nourishment to the hair strands. What's great too is that you can spray this throughout the day, to give a nice shine to your hair. Now if you are looking for something to use before you use  any heat or styling products then I would recommend the Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion spray. It's like primer that we use before we apply foundation. The Tonic Lotion spray creates a shield and helps to protect your hair. I have used it myself and will say I absolutely love it and have definitely seen a difference in my hair. Hope this helpsSmiley Happy




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Tonic Lotion
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Tonic Lotion, $7 - $19


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