Out of control curls

Hey girls,

I have really curly hair that is dry and prone to frizz. I've tried lots of different serums and mousses but none seem to work can any of you help? Getting sick of wasting money on things that never do anything




Thanks :smileyhappy:


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products that have worked for me is the devacare line i use the no poo one conditioner arcangel and shea moistures styling cream, keeps my hair pretty frizz free for about...3-5 days depending if i mess with my hair (: hope that helps (: -Mel 


Re: Out of control curls

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Hey Jjbeauty! 


I know what you mean!! I have a constant battle with my frizzy hair it is a nightmare! Lately I've found that KMS CurlUp Control Creme is quite good. Now I'm not saying it is any type of miracle for frizzy hair because I don't believe anything will sort out the frizz that blessed me with however, it is one of the products that have shown an improvement in my hair! 


I found it on mybeautycompare through their personalized recommendations (life saver btw)! 


Hope you find this helps, let us know if there are some products that have worked for you! x 


Re: Out of control curls

Hi jjbeauty,

I suggest checking out the DevaCurl line! All the products have gentle, hydrating ingredients and botanical extracts to deliver healthy, naturally gorgeous, frizz-free curls.

:smileyhappy: -Laura


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Have you tried Ouidad's Climate Control Gel?   It is amazzzzzzing.  My hair is much less frizzy when I use it.

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