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Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

My hair gets very oily over night so I have to wash it everyday, which I know isn't good. I've tried washing it the night before and then trying to style it the next day but that just doesn't work. I'm looking for a dry shampoo to use and I'd like to the Oscar Blandi one. Does it get rid of oily hair and actually make it look clean? I'm scared to use any dry shampoo just because I don't want my hair to look oily and gross. Does anyone have any other/better recommendations??

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Hi Krm7.  Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo is my favorite.  No dry shampoo will give the exact same results as washing your hair, but it definitely does absorb oil and freshen up your hair with a lovely lemon scent. Smiley Happy

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I love Oscar blandi dry shampoo. I bought mine a few years just have to brush it through thoroughly so it doesn't look white. It has a great smell and takes away oil.

I personally don't use the product but my daughter tried it out.  She wanted to cut down and wash her hair every other day and has been trying different products.  She isn't thrilled with it but she seems to think it's "ok".  If your hair is super oily, (mine used to be so I know how that is) there really isn't a problem with washing it daily.  If it's really long or you have to blow it out or use an iron, I can see what you wouldn't want to do it for time's sake, but there's no harm in washing your hair every day, I did it for over 25 years. 


Oscar Blandi works pretty well, better than the drugstore brand I had.  Still doesnt match a wash, but helps give it more body.

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I think you will like Faciano dry shampoo. It really can get rid of your oil on hair and really clean it, not just the look. Sometimes the powder would still stay on the scalp and not easy to clean up, Faciano has no this issue. Oscar Blandi has good smell. 

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I bought a small version of the yellow kind. I've only used it once (after a workout before class), but it seemed to get the job done. My only complaint is that it didn't really mist. It sprayed more like a water gun but maybe I didn't shake well enough.


I do like the scent. It doesn't give me a migraine (I tried Suave's dry shampoo before but the perfume they use really sucks and gave me a 2 day migraine.)

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