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Hi! Okay, I am in desperate need of hair advice. I had to cut off my hair to my shoulders about two months ago because it wasn't too healthy, and it's only grown maybe an inch since then (I can never seem to get long hair) and my hair is always oily after one day. I have to wash it every time I want to wear it down. So basically I wear it down one day, up the next (so that I don't strip the natural oils by washing it every single day). My issue is that I not only need longer hair, but I need THICK hair. My hair's thin, and fine. And it's driving me nuts. I'm going into cosmetology school in two weeks, and I can do so many different hairstyles on my SISTER, but not on myself because my hair is too thin (or short). Basically I'm looking for either vitamins I can take, or products I can use. Ones that REALLY work because I'm on a tight tight budget. Thank you!

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