My hair is soo puffy, frizzy, and wavy.
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My hair is extremely thick, dry, and puffy. It used to be really curly and soft, but then i got it chemically straightened, and it has been frizzy and wavy ever since, it is also EXTREMELY thick and shoulder length, so i can not do much with it. My hair also gets really messed up when i sleep, and there is no way to get it to look normal when i wake up. Are there any hair products that i can apply to my unruly hair in the morning that will restore softness and make it bouncy and restore its original curliness?

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There is one product i know of that will definatly help solve your hair problems.

Quidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel.

It works like a charm!

It has benn givin beauty awards by Dailyglow,, Allure, and Shecky's. 

The price at Sephora ranges from $9 - $38


Good Luck!


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