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Can we please compile a list of how you guys style your hair? Would love this as a go to sticky!!


I will start...


If I wear my hair down....


- hair flat straight down

-hair flipped out at the ends when it is straight

-hair curled lightly with flat iron, just the ends

-hair poof pinned back

-hair poof pinned back on angle of head, tiny

-head band ( rarely since this leaves dents)

-side braid head band



If I want my hair up ( ie it is frizzy, oily, lazy) ... Usually I make the top of my hair combed back, or I do a poof, or a side braid head band...


-do a single braid, but I do this on an angle so I can put it on my shoulder

-french braid ( tuck in the braid, do half and leave the rest out, or leave the rest in a simple bun)

-messy bun ( just take the hair and grab it all messily and put a tie in it, and then pull out those messy strands again out of the tie a bit and tie it again.. this weird style was HUGE in highschool for us lol)

-make a high ponytail and then instead of pulling your hair through the knot altogether, stop half way and then pull your ponytail tie and make it tight and high- HUGE in my highschool as well lol



My face is really round and so if I do a side braid or something, I usually try to add something more to it so I soften the braid effect. Such as I do a side braid head band and then I pull my hair on an angle and do a braid with it, or put it in a messy bun.


Ladies list your styles!!




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Hi!  For summer, I love doing french braids and twists (only with the top section of my hair and letting the rest stay long).  My favorite new hair style for summer is the fishtail braid-I just learned it so I'm still working on it, but here's my attempt:


Photo 977.jpg


I have a feeling it will get easier the more I do it.  A couple youtube videos had some good tips too!

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