Lip Waxing...what about the grow back

So I am considering doing the upper lip wax... at the Benefit brow bar place.  I'm naturally blonde so I have that peach fuzz all over my face, which isn't really noticeable but still slightly annoying in the upper lip area when I want to wear concealer there so I just avoid it.  


Anyways, I am worried if I wax there it will grow back thicker and more wiry.  I've read this is a myth but about a year ago I was picking at spot on my chin where I had peach fuzz and tore some hairs out and now every so often I get a thicker darker hair growing in there that just seems to pop up overnight like some ninja beard.   So I'm worried the same will happen with upper lip.   Anyone have this experience?

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Part of getting older is getting more, and coarser facial hair.  People mistake this for being a consequence of stuff they did to themselves, and that's where the myth comes from, just a false correlation.  


See also: the myth that after years and years of dying your hair, it will come in gray.


Regular waxing can actually damage the hair follicle so that it ends up growing in finer.  As far as going to Benefit for it, I feel like they're pretty pricey.  It might be worthwhile if they do an excellent job shaping your brows but maybe not so much with an all-off job like the upper lip.  

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