Lip Waxing...what about the grow back

So I am considering doing the upper lip wax... at the Benefit brow bar place.  I'm naturally blonde so I have that peach fuzz all over my face, which isn't really noticeable but still slightly annoying in the upper lip area when I want to wear concealer there so I just avoid it.  


Anyways, I am worried if I wax there it will grow back thicker and more wiry.  I've read this is a myth but about a year ago I was picking at spot on my chin where I had peach fuzz and tore some hairs out and now every so often I get a thicker darker hair growing in there that just seems to pop up overnight like some ninja beard.   So I'm worried the same will happen with upper lip.   Anyone have this experience?

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Hi Waywardspirit,


I sometimes have my lip wax or threaded. I find threading to be more gentle on the skin. I do not experience it growing back faster or thicker. I think it all depends on your natural hair growth and texture.


I think it's worth it to try it once to see how you like it! Lately, I have been using the Bliss Poetic Wax Strips since it's a lot cheaper than going to the salon!


8 strips.jpg

This set comes with 8 strips for $12.

<3 Melissa
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