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Hi! Basically, I would like to lighten my medium dark brown hair for summer. I've had highlights many times and I've completely dyed it only once, but I'm not afraid of the commitment that comes along with going lighter. I don't want to go completely platinum blonde or anything like that... But I've never seen my hair lighter and I think it's time for a change. I also want to go to a professional salon as I know that this is something I'd rather leave to the professionals. My hair is very thick, and medium length. I have hazel eyes and a fair skin tone. I was just wondering if there is any special way to go about this, or if there are any cool new hair trends going on for summer 2012. Thanks! Smiley Happy
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You are absolutely right to go to a salon to get your lightening done, they can do a good job and show you some swatches so you can pick the right color before you start. The trend that I really like for summer is an ombre look, where the ends are lighter than the roots in a gradual effect. This just looks so beachy and has the added benefit that you don't need color touch-ups as often since your darker roots sort of blend in with this look.


Have fun!

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I'd go for the ombre look, but I don't recommend doing it yourself.


I used to do my own highlights, and that was fine. I got ballsy one day and decided to go blonde.... and I came out looking like Lady Gaga with banana yellow hair.


Never again.


When it comes to lightening your hair, go to a salon and get it done.

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I have my hair lightened year round with the foil technique, and trust me, I've tried it by myself. It was not pretty, I ended up with orange hair and not a pretty kind of orange or red. I'd say definitely leave it to the professionals. And they say, blondes have more fun!
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