Is really expensive shampoo worth the money?
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I have used Buble and Bumble (thickening shampoo) and thought it was totally worth the money, but I'm curious, have other people found the best shampoo for their hair is usually the expensive one?


I guess $22 for 8 oz. is not too bad.

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I have found that in general, the old saying, "You get what you pay for" is a true one.  But expensive is only better to a point.  Eventually you're not paying for a better product, you're paying for the name or ridiculous claims and ingredients.  I personally think more expensive brands like Alterna are worth the money ($30 for 8oz of shampoo) but some products are just ridiculous (Philip B Russian Amber shampoo, 12oz for $140 anyone?)

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Salon shampoos are more expensive but totally worth it.  But not all "expensive shampoos" I like.  In particular I like Biolage (fav. hydrating for everyday), Rene Furterer (for post-winter scalp therapy), Paul mitchell, Abba, A/G, L'Oreal is ok, Back to Basics.  Some "pearl" containing shampoos, "s", Alterna, amplify by matrix, and aveda I don't care for.  I am not likely going to buy Phyto Organics again (burns eyes/sensitive skin and have sulfates). Bumble & Bumble is nice but more pricey than Biolage. I tend to change conditioners and shampoos with the seasons and needs of my hair.

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i love BB products, they smell great and work like magic!

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I have tried to find less expensive shampoos that I will stick to but I find they either make my hair too greasy or too dry. I liked John Frieda a lot but then it began to irritate the back of my neck. I think cheaper products are fine for occasional use such as on vacation or in a desperate situation when you cant find your favorite product but for longterm use I usually get the best results with a salon shampoo. Of course, not all salon shampoos are amazing either, I have had bad results from those too, but I think sampling is important, be sure you like something before you shell out a lot of money for it. Right now I am using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner $27 for 8.5 oz conditioner and 10 oz shampoo. I really love these. I like to rotate what I use everytime I run out of something too that way my hair doesn't reach a plateau.

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I haven't found that the best shampoo costs the most. I got a bottle of Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily shampoo that I thought was so-so.  I like Matrix Amplify better.

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I actually have found the salon shampoos to work better than others I have tried. I  personally am in love with Sebastian Drench shampoo and conditioner. When I was younger I used to go to the drugstore and buy Suave for $.99 and my hair was nasty and i had a bunch of flyaways. Now that I use Sebastian my hair looks amazing even after bleaching, coloring, and heat styling!!:smileywink: There are other great brands that are less expensive than Sebastian, like Bed Head, and Biologe.

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In most cases, you get what you pay for. I am a lover of most things Phyto, and have been using boutique shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for the better part of 3 years. I think that one must do their research and as for samples! Even with Phyto, I needed to try several products, and combinations of those products, before finding the correct ones for my hair. Read ingredients, read reviews, and ask professionals for their opinions (bearing in mind that most stylists will push the products that they sell, so ak around and try different ones).

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