Is carol's daughter for African American hair only?
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Not at all.  The products are great for those who have drier hair textures as well. 

About a year ago I was experiencing really bad product build up from "moisturizing shampoos."  Nasty paste-like hair texture and dryness (itchy scalp).  Out of curiosity, I took home a sample of the Tui hair oil.  Needless to say, it helped get rid of the texture and left soft silky hair.  It helps keep my hair and scalp from being irritated and dry; especially during the harsher winter months. 


If near a Sephora and curious about certain products, try a sample.  (:


Hi jay190,


In 2009 I got a perm that everyone loved ... well, everyone except me. I couldn't handle all the curls, so I straightened my hair everyday. Then I went to get another perm to make that perm less curly - HUGE mistake! It took FOREVER for my hair to recover, and once it did, I decided to die it dark, only to later decide to go back to blonde. As you can imagine, this has severly damaged my hair over the years!


Some of my go-to products are Josie Maran's Argan Oil, Ojon's restorative hair treatment and leave in treatments you can find at Sallys, but when my hair is really hurting, I thank Carol's Daughter for Lisa's Hair Elixir. It smells good, reconditions the scalp, and helps the hair regain some moisture as well, giving my hair it's shine back. Although the brands marketing is geared toward ethnic and textured hair, anyone can use it. It's a great line, and you should try some of their stuff out! Smiley Happy


Hi jay190, 


The Carol's Daughter line is primarily designed for women with more ethnic and texture hair but honestly, any one can use the products! I'm a huge fan of the blackberry vanilla shampoos and the shine sprays. Just make sure to find the right product for your type of hair and you will find some great options. Smiley Happy


Carol's Daughter


  Macadamia Heat Protection Serum

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I love the Carols Daughter fragrances and I've tried her Tui and Koret Amen Shampoo and Conditioners and they did not work for me. (I dont think that you have to be ethnic for her products to work for you, it really depends on your hair). I have well behaved hair, its long but all I use is shampoo, conditioner and a comb and I'm good to go. I rarely ever use heat on it and I have never ever colored, highlighted, permed etc my hair and I use all natural shampoo/conditioners. With that said, the Carol's Daughter shampoo's and conditioners made my hair a tangly mess, and it hasnt gotten that way since I used some awful Perlier Honey Shampoo. It took me 45 min to brush through my hair every time I used her hair care items so they absolutely dont work for me. My mom, who has color treated/very dry hair has used the Carols Daugher hair oils and hair treatments/butters and none of them hydrated her hair. They just made a greasy mess, and when she left them in her hair overnight and rinsed it out in the AM her hair felt as though she never applied any treatment at all.


Her fragrances though, are top notch (full size bottles all discontinued--I had the Almond Cookie, the Pearls, and the Ecstacy)) Smiley Sad


I've ised the Black Vanilla shampoo and conditioner, and it made my wavy, color treated hair very shiny.  My daughter, who has really long curly hair, uses the conditioner exclusively.  She allows her hair to air dry and it looks great.  Another product I've been using is the Olive Oil infusion treatment.  So, the answer to your question is that the products can work for anyone.


Hi Diana is correct,


I also wanted to add that I have fine texture hair and I have found that Carols Daughters products work nicely. I have color treated hair and really like that a lot of her shampoos are sulfate free. If you are unsure you can always go to your local Sephora Store and ask them to make you a sample of hair products that you would like to try.



<3 Melissa

Hello!  I've actually been doing tons of research on the products myself as I have mutiple hair issues I'm dealing with - oiliness, itchiness, thinning and it's color-treated.  I first started watching YouTube reviews of people that have tried out the Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner and found all the reviews were done by African American women - which made me think that these products may not be a good match for my Caucasian hair.  I then read nearly all the written reviews I could find online and reconsidered giving the products a try based on the mutiple hair types the reviewers had.


Long story short : I sit here now fresh out of the shower (hair still wet) from giving said products a try and I feel very satisfied at the moment.  It hasn't been long enough to see how it will affect my hair in the long-run (obviously :-P) but right now the top, more dry portion of my hair looks shiny and feels very soft!


Like the other posters have said though, it really just depends on your hair type & issues and the products that work for them instead of against or adding to them. 

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I purchased Carol's Daughter products direct from HSN. They were RAVING about the Monoi hair products. I purchased the Monoi Repairing Shampoo as well as the Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. Honestly, I do not like the products which I might add were quite pricey. My hair felt messy and dried out. The fragrance is awful too. I hate to throw these products out after spending so much on them, but after 4 attempts at using them, I am tossing them out. The smell is so overwhelming, I had to rewash my hair with a different shampoo. Sorry -- not for me (I am not African American, perhaps these products work well and are made for women of color).

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