I need this style hair lol

hey guys! i really want my hair to look like thistumblr_mov8up4d6X1swc2e1o1_500.jpg but im not sure i can do to get it this way? Also how can i make my hair permanently longer? thanks!


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Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks.  It will grow like a weed.  You need to get rid of the split dead ends to have that long beautiful hair.  It will feel like you're taking two steps forward and one step back but you're not.  The trims are really helpful.  Good luck with your hair!


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Hi, my hair used to be that long but i cut it not too long ago. I get a haircut every 4-5 months and cut it but my hair grows fast. My advice, it doesnt matter how often you wash it but try to stay away from the heat as much as possible; and massage your scalp good when you wash your hair. I take Biotin vitamins and they help a lot (usually if you buy it from a latin pharmacy instead of walgreens, the dosage per tablet will be higher therefore better).


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I know how hard it can be for people, but I stopped using heat on my hair for a year (Exception being straightening my hair for the first day of school and when my hairstylist straightened it after a cut). I've never had long hair, but when I stopped using heat it grew like a weed! In a year it went from my collar bone to about an inch or two shorter than this models. 


Re: I need this style hair lol

I've been wanting to get hair like that too!! But mine is nowhere near long enough yet. :-/ 


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Hair growth and growth speed will be highly dependant on time and genetics. Though supplements like provitamin B and biotion support healthy keratin growth and conditioning (good for hair, skin, and nails), they are not miracle products that cause inches to grow in days or even weeks. Proper maintainence and care is also vital so keeping hair trimmed and free of split ends and damage will help keep hair healthy and won't allow these unhealthy portions to suck up nurtrients and essential oils that healthy portions can utilize.


With the photo above, factor in that the hair cut lends itself greatly to the style,