I need a hair gel/serum to keep my natural waves wavy w/out getting frizzy or poofy!

I have color-treated hair that is pretty wavy/curly. I straighten it all the time, but in this summer heat here in Virginia it gets so humid and hot that it gets frizzy and wet and it's such a waste of time to streighten it and also not very healthy.


I used to use a drug store gel and moouse (The herbal essence brand and the aussie brand) but I was recently told that those could strip the color, especially reds.


I was recommended to try several beach sprays, but my hair still poofs up and gets unruly and frizzy.


I need a good gel that keeps my hair in place and keeps it looking nice and curly and then when it dries it still looks nice instead of a hot mess of a frizz ball with disgusting waves.




(I don't really mind the crunchy-ness either, but obviously I don't want anything to stiff. I want it to dry and look nice and natural but still polished and in place!! ) Thanks!

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The brand Sebastian makes a liquid gel called, "Wet". It is nice because it keeps the hair in place plus its anti-frizz, but it doesn't have the crunch or tack of a regular gel, its more of a glaze then a gel. I would suggest that with a little bit of argan oil.

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