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I'm trying to grow my hair long but it keeps getting split ends to a sertin point
I'm trying to grow my yair long, but the only problem is that after growing to a certin point I get split ends, and it happens all the Time! And i have very curly, frizzy hair. Plz help!
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GREAT tips Sephoramusthave! I totally agree with you!


Hi makeupgirl4evr,  try using our Living Proof and Phyto hair product lines. These lines are sulfate free and are so much less damaging than some brands can be. I have been trying to grow my hair out as well as extensions can only go so far! Smiley Wink   Living Proof has amazing hair shampoos and conditioners (as well as NEW masks!) that are great for wavy or frizzy hair. Try the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner for great repairing products that will decrease frizziness and dry ness to the hair while healing and preventing future damage. 


Restore Shampoo Restore Conditioner


Also, try supplements with a strong Vitamin B! They are fabulous for strengthening the hair and nails and really do work! I recommend the Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplements for Hair and Nails. 


Phytophanere Dietary Supplement - Hair & Nails

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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My nutritionist recommended a supplement called Biotin when I wanted to grow out my hair.  It helped my hair & nails grow faster and stay healthier than they had ever been.  Even though I color my hair every four-six weeks, wash it almost daily, and flat-iron it frequently, I haven't had any breakage in years.


I've had hair down past my, well, lets just say waist, a few times.  Then I cut it all off for Locks of Love and grow it again.  When they've cut it they've gotten enough for 4 wigs. 2x as long and 2x as thick. I've done this at least 3 times.  My point is I know how to grow my own hair out. First of all you do have to find a beautician who understands your growing it out. Then get it trimmed ever 4-6 weeks. Hair grows from the root.  If it's splitting the ends are dying and won't reach their full potential.  Then yes you should use a natural shampoo and conditioner and get it deep conditioned by your stylist every few months.  Finally and this is very important go as long as you can between washings.  Rubbing your hair all around will cause it o break.  If you need it wet to style, mist it with water or "do over spray." I wash mine once a week and it's the healthiest hair my stylist works on.  Now I'm not saying you can do that. I have dry hair that doesn't start to look greasy till a week. But try going as long as you can and getting regular trims and see if that helps.


Oh, I forgot to add to my last post that you should also try the machine called Split ender. It actually does work. It trims off any split ends on the shaft of your hair all the way down without  taking off much length ( about 1/4 a inch). That way you can maintain your length without going to a beautician who gets "scissor happy". Trust me I've been there! lol Smiley Wink


I agree with sephoramusthave!  Switching to natural hair care is the way to go. Most of them are sulfate,silicone, and chemical free but make sure you read, read, read the ingredient labels. Some good ones to add to the list that previous members left are.. John masters organics and Just natural. You can also try a line called curls which is tailored to women and little girls with curly hair. Its organic, sulfate, silicone, mineral and peroleum and just about evrything bad for your hair free! You can find it @ Target and the price is reasonable. The most expensive product I've seen from them is about 26 bucks. I hear it's great and if I had curly hair I would try it. But, I don't lol. I myself just switched to a natural line called shea moisture and so far it's the best thing I've found for my hair in well.... Ever! lol


Switch to natural shampoo/conditioner. I like Giovanni the best, but DermOrganic, David Babaii, Avalon Organics and Burts Bees all make solid ones.


Good luck!

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