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I am going to color my own hair at home. What are the best home hair color products out there?
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A good brand of hair color that you may want to give a try is L’Oreal Paris Feria.  It gives you three different tones in each shade so your hair has a three-dimensional look to it.

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I have been using Loreal for years.  I feel it is the best quality and not damaging to your hair.  I have used Preference and Excellence. Used Feria once too.  great products! their website also recommends the color for you!

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clairol perfect ten, is what i use and LOVE. i've never had a problem with it and it takes 10 minutes. the conditioner they give is the BEST and makes you're hair feel sooo soft. i've used garnier and it doesn't work too good, you don't get a strong color. and loreal, well i had an allergic reaction to it, so i can't give too much advice on that brand.

i recomend box dyes they work fine, and they're cheaper.

i've bought my own developer and color and mixed it myself following the instructions and it didn't turn out too good.

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