How to curl my already curly hair!

LOL so this question is a bit wierd, however I'm really curious as to how I can achieve perfect curls! I already have wavy/curly hair and use quite a number of products to tame the frizzyness!! (Living Proof Wave Making Cream, Alterna Kendi Oil treatment, Paul mitchell Shine spray) But no matter what I use, I still end up with lazy curls at the end of the day and my hair never looks always looks very dull. I do own the Sultra Bombshell and was wondering if you ladies had any great tips on how to curl it the right way. The last time I tried, I ended up taking away my natural curl and the iron sort of left a wierd wave that did not look cute. Also, I never know what to do with the ends! should I leave them out, or go back and striaghten it with my iron?  I have tried many videos on youtube but it seems like most of the ones I had seen, the girls had blow-dryed their hair and then curled it which left the ends looking great! But this would not work for me as I do not like too much heat for my hair. thanks in advance!

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