How do you keep your bangs from getting greasy?
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I have bangs and pretty long hair, which gets greasy easily seeing as it is blonde, so I wash it everyday. But, at the end of every day, when I look in the mirror, my bangs are greasy! I have oily skin so I try to keep my forehead as non-oily as possible, but my efforts aren't working. 

Should I try a dry shampoo?

I've tried baby powder, and it just doesn't work for me.


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I have had bangs my whole life and had the same issue! What I did was I switched my shampoo and conditioner.

Surprisingly Dove did the trick! Herbel essences I found works pretty well to.  Also make sure you fully blow dry your bangs!


Using A dry shampoo may work for you I would recommend trying that first and if it doesnt work then go for dove!

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I get my hair done about every 5 days because it is incredibly thick and up until a little bit ago it was all one length. Plus it's only 

$13. I would never have the energy to blow all hat hair straight.  Now I have a different cut so it's a whole new story. However, back then there would be weeks that due too some reason I couldn't get to my hairdresser within the 5 days. Now my hair is dry, and it would probably take a month for it to look greasy, but I can tell it's dirty. So I tried a dry shampoo and after a little hit and miss with them  I got one that really did an amazing job that I really like.  First I did not like the Klorane products. What I did like was Oscar Blandi.  I was just thrilled by how well it worked.  Although I have to disagree with the other girl who posted. I would trying switching shampoo first. It's cheaper and less work.  Just my opinion.  Good luck!:smileywink:


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I have long auburn hair and i have bangs also i usually pin my bangs back cuz i have oily skin too.

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Rice paper absorbs oil really well and is cheap. I have the same problem. I just wipe my face down once every couple hours and also use a loose translucent powder that absorbs oil twice a day. Hope this helps!

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