How do I make my hair stay curled all day?

On the mornings that i spiral curl my hair in the morning with my chi, it looks great as soon as im finished but within 30 min, its completely flat. I dont know what I'm doing wrong or how to make it stay curled throughout the whole day. Ideas anyone?

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My hairdresser and I are working on this for my hair (I should mention that she's a friend of mine who I've been seeing for about 7 years).  I have very fine hair and for my sisters wedding I want it to have a slight curl however I've never been successful in keeping curls in my hair.  She is cutting my hair in a way that adds volume and body which should help but the last time we tried to curl it starting falling out where she started by the time she finished the other side-falling out entirely around an hour later.  We're experimenting with mouse, gel and hairspray.  Humidity also plays a pretty big factor (it was raining the last time we did this), also hair health (how often do you get your hair cut, do you color your hair, what products you use to wash and condition).  I cut my hair around every 8 weeks, colour approx every 8-12 (I've been colouring off and on for around 3 years now) and I wash alternating between TIGI Self Absorbed and Superstar.

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i have the same problem and i have no clue what to do but i heard if you put hair spray in before you curl that helps.

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I like to use lots of hairspray and Redkin's curvaceous curls creme after I have all my curls done. Also putting moose in while your hair is wet can help with hold when you style later on.

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@Jordiee, Living Proof’s No Frizz products create a lightweight barrier that shields hair from humidity & moisture that can cause curls to fall flat. Start your style off by spraying about 15-20 sprays of the Wave Shaping, Curl Defining Styling Spray evenly to fully saturate towel-dried hair from roots to ends, then blow dry. I suggest using a flexible hold hairspray like Ojon’s Tunu Elastik Flexible Finishing Hairspray to keep your style from getting dry and crunchy. Hold each curl away from your head one section at a time and spray hairspray through hair as it falls, repeat as needed for additional hold, then spray evening to your finished style. Good luck!

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I have the exact same issue!! Here is how over a few months I have finally figured it out! my hair is naturally straight and silky with one or two waves. i used to hair spray the strand, then curl it , and then hair spray it again, as taught by many you tube videos lol. however this never worked for me. this is what i have been doing..


-heat protectant all over hair, comb/brush hair.

-seperate it into sections really well.

-i find that if i work with half an inch of hair at a time, the curls are easy to do . any thicker than that and the curl just wilts within a few minutes. and no matter how many times i try after, it won't work.

-after my entire head is done, i hair spray ONLY half of my head. generally the top of my hair is wavy n then mid way is where the curls come in. so i only hair spray over there. over a few hours the curls loosen, however that's the look i wanted anyways. my curls are always loose and wavy so i don't mind if they aren't tight.

-since i don't hair spray the top of my head, i can easily comb it down if it gets flyaways.

- to elim frizz i have tried and liked marc anthony's cream that is made specifically for curls ( it is a yellow bottle) -

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I spray Heat Styling Starch to each section of hair I'm about to curl. I curl one side of my head at a time, and as soon as I'm done with the first side, I spray it with some bamboo hair spray, which I'm sorry, forgot where I bought it. But the routine, for me, makes it last a little over two days. Hope this helps!

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I used to have that problem... After like four curls, you should apply some hairspray. Keep doing that for the rest of your hair. After you're done with ur whole head... Let ur curls sort of cool down... Then go back and spray all over once more. Oh and one more thing... you should try and curl ur hair away from your face... I used to curl towards my face, but A. it didn't look that good (lol) and B. the girls dropped like an hour later.... Hope this helps !

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