How can i get flyaways/frizzyness to stop!?

I have straight hair, always have and it always seems to be sticking up. How can i get this to go away?

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Well, i may not be the best person to answer this question becuase my hair is thick and curly and wavy, but i have a few pointers that may help you. i have two peices of advice, hopefully one works!!!!! Smiley Tongue Layers- the best way to solve this problem would be to get layers. when you get layers, the outer layers of your hair become heavy, and act almost as a paper weight, in the sense that they keep bothersome hair underneath tamed . I promise you, that layers are so gorgeous, and make hair transform from drab to fab. if you are not looking for a transformation of your hair style, i have two reccomendations. first, something that you will find shopping online, and something that i swear by is morrocan oil for the hair. it not only tames frizziness, but i increases volume, curliness, and gives you a healthier, fuller look. another product, is sheer blonde. this product also tames frizzines and hairs that are sticking up. Overall, i would highly reccomend getting layers. Best of luck!!!
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