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Hi everyone! It has been such a long time since I've posted anything!

Anyway, I was looking online at Hollister, and I found this model. I absolutely LOVE her hair!!! I would love to get my hair cut like hers, but the problem is the model's hair is naturally straight, and mine is naturally curly/wavy. How could I achieve this hairstyle?? Would curly hair be able to pull off the cut?


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This model's name is Ashley Perich and she has natural waves. To acheve the look you want to wash your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditoner like Carol's Daughter Chocolat and blow dry the hair downwards with a flat brush. Also, while blow drying use a straight spray like Living Proof straight Spray. When you get done blow drying put the dryer on a cold setting and blow the hair for shine. Then, kinda shake the hair to give it a messy look. But, not too much.  I belive curly hair can totally do the cut. But, since you have curly hair you should go to a Deva salon and get a DevaCut. The DevaCut works with your curls to give you the look you want. Traditonal cutting methods may make your curls look like a cone. (When you wear it curly)

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