Highlights for medium brown hair?

I'm wanting to get highlights in my hair. My hair is medium brown with a reddish tint in sunlight. I'm thinking I want to go pretty light. As light as i can go while still looking natural. (no zebra stripes or platinum or anything). I have fair skin (don't tan) and green eyes. Im just wondering if getting highlights would wash me out? A girl in my class has blonde hair and she got highlights and they made her look sick! Also, what colors should I ask for? Caramel, honey, cool, ash, etc?



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I foil my own highlights and it sounds like we have a similar hair color. I have medium brown hair with a reddish/gold tint in the sun. I wear NC20 (fair/light skin) with brown eyes.  I opt for warmer colors versus platinum which washes me out (I have done highlights and all over hair color).  I like melissabt's suggestion of a honey color. The colorist should have swatches that you can hold up to your hair to see the contrast. 


janinebt made a great point about having the colorist apply the highlights a few inches past your hairline. I never foil right on my hairline (i think it doesnt look natural).  I foil starting 1.5-2 inches back and when I pull my hair in a ponytail it looks really natural but you can still see the highlights. 


SAHMOhio also had a great tip about neutral base & only going 3 shades lighter.  


I do use bleach and then tone but it is really high maintenance. If the colorist you go to can use a product that can noticeably lift 3 shades without bleach - i say go for it! My hair has a hard time lifting 3 shades without bleach (without turning really brassy/red).

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