Highlights for medium brown hair?

I'm wanting to get highlights in my hair. My hair is medium brown with a reddish tint in sunlight. I'm thinking I want to go pretty light. As light as i can go while still looking natural. (no zebra stripes or platinum or anything). I have fair skin (don't tan) and green eyes. Im just wondering if getting highlights would wash me out? A girl in my class has blonde hair and she got highlights and they made her look sick! Also, what colors should I ask for? Caramel, honey, cool, ash, etc?



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Sounds like your hair is red undertone (there's red and green tones), so share that with your colorist. Too warm (red) a color base and you're highlights will just look red. A neutral base will give you honey/caramel colors. I would also advise only going two or three shades lighter for a natural look, and ask to use hair color dye, not bleach and then toning. Lastly avoid a cap, foils only, ask her to stagger them so they aren't uniform and to pull different sized sections. If you want to spring for it, you can have two colors done for a really well blended, sun lightened look.

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