Has anyone tried WEN haircare?

I have thought about spending birthday money on the WEN haircare set.  If it does what it says, I could really benefit!!!  But I am skeptical....  Has anyone tried it??

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Hi Bearsmom,


I have tried Wen and absolutely love it. I have thin, straight and oily hair. Using Wen has definitely helped with my hair being less oily and not so dry. Now I will say that when using it, you see results best when you only use Wen products. The reason for that is because the ingredients in the products are natural and if you are using other products, then it will interfere with what Wen is supposed to do. It also does require to use a lot of product(pumps), so you might be replenishing a bit more often.

Now to recommend other hair products I would definitely look into either Carols Daughter or Bumble and Bumble, they have really great products. Hope this helpsSmiley Happy




Sara B

Sephora Pro Artist



Here are some of my favorites.......


Bumble and bumble Prep, $6 - $19

Tonic Lotion
Styling Products   see_all

Tonic Lotion, $7 - $20


So both the Prep and Tonic sprays, act as primers for the hair. You spray this all over your hair after your shower and follow with any hair products. I absolutely swear by them and highly recommend it. Tonic is more for someone who is super dry, or has damaged color treated hair. Prep works well for all hair types.


Monoi Repairing Hair Mask
Hair & Scalp Treatments  
Monoi Repairing Hair Mask, $29

If you just want shine and for your hair to feel like SILK, then you must try this mask. It is Amazing

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