Hairstyle / Browstyle advice?

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I'm tired of my hair not working well with my face shape, and I don't know how to choose a hairstyle and eyebrow style that suits my face well.
Here is a picture of myself with my hair pinned back;


Can someone please give me advice on what hairstyle and eyebrow style i should try?

Re: Hairstyle / Browstyle advice?

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It'd also be useful to know some facts about your hair.


Is it dense?  Thick?  Fine?  Curly?  Straight?  This information will be important when trying to figure out what your hair is going to do after it is cut.  For example, my hair is dense, but the strands are fine.  So, if I were to get a blunt cut, if I don't blow dry it, my hair will curl and fly all over the place. 

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