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Hair stylist for wavy hair
What's a good hair salon in the Seattle, Washington 98059 area? I have wavy hair and I need a good hair stylist! Please help!
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I don't live in Seattle however, I do know some tips to help you out.  Remember, wavey hair is like curls: if you want it done correctly, you need to go to someone who knows what they are doing.  Here are some tips:


1. Call around and ask if there is anyone that specializes in cutting curly hair.  If they say everyone, avoid it.  Cutting both curly and wavy hair is a specializer artform in which few know but many claim they do.


2. See if your salonist has curly hair.  Look at photos of the salonist and see if that person has curly or wavy.  If they do, chances are they will understand how to cut your hair.  Also, be aware of those curlie heads who straighten their hair.  There is a good chance that they might not understand their hair.


3. Just because it is more expensive, doesn't mean that it is always better.  This is the one tip that everyone seems to forget.  I know people who go to those DevaCurl Salons in order to get their hair cut.  I went to one as well as I hated it.  They chopped off my curls.  My salonist calls them: for people who do not want to keep their hair.


4. Ask people you know who has similiar hair texture as you who you like their style.  This way, it will help you in order to pinpoint an area in which you might wasnt to try.


I certainly hope this helps you our a bit.  I have curly hair and it took me years to find the right salonist.

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I live in Seattle and have curley/wavy hair. I FINALLY found my go-to-guru! His name is Kurt, and he works at the Gene Juarez in Bellevue. However, I have found that most high-level Juarez stylists are pretty good!

hope this helps!

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Oh and another suggestion.  Ask them if they will "dry cut" your hair for  you.  It might take a little bit longer for them however, it is helpful to see how your waves form and curl.

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Hi nikkirex, 


I think bridalwreath has some great tips for you! I'd also recommend checking out Yelp for hair salons (not sure how popular it is in Seattle but I use it when I travel to find new spots to check out), and see if there is a hair or cosmetology school like Paul Mitchell or Aveda where students cut your hair for a cheaper price, but I know for a fact that even if it takes longer they have instructors guiding them with VERY precise instructions and directions the whole way. Great to try out new people and I would always request the same students. Smiley Happy Best of luck to you!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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