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Hi guys!


So I normally have poofy, wavy/curly hair. I usually put it up or something, but occasionally I straighten it. However, all of the products I've tried seem to not really affect its softness, shininess, and healthiness of my hair. The ends get dried out easily, no matter how much I try to prevent it (even without straightening my hair) and get very straw-like, even before the ends start splitting. Even the top, which is soft, is not as soft as so many girls I see out there. 


I look at pictures of girls with really shiny, beautiful, healthy, SOFT, glossy hair, and have no idea how to achieve this. 


I'm also on a budget. I know that higher priced products usually result in higher quality products, but ideally, I'm looking for something that can help make my hair look healthy and glossy. 

I'm talking conditioners, pre straightening treatments, whatever. (Although it should be noted that when I DO straighten my hair, I always let it completely air dry first, I don't know if this can affect any products recommended.)


I have dandruff, so my current routine is Head & Shoulders, and a shea butter conditioner, with some drugstore brand spray, and handfuls of pre-straightening heat protectant products. 


Hopefully this isn't too vague. I appreciate any help. 


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