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Hi Beauties!!!
I'm having a big trouble with my hair. After this winter my hair has become thin, dull and seem to intensively fall out once in a while. I have once tried a treatment from Phyto - the capsules of some sort of serum, which seemed to help a lot at first. I even started getting baby hair. But couple months into the treatment it stopped working. Maybe my hair and scalp got used to such beautiful life and decided to sit back and relax (stop recovering). So I was wondering if there exists something similar to Phyto treatment so I can alternate the treatments on monthly basis so my hair doesn't get used to either one?

Each response will be greatly appreciated!
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diCesare hair products are great. I was having alot of problems like you. Tried everything.

I have been useing this product for 3 wks. The Liquifix liquid mousse is unreal. You can look up the products on the Bed Bath and Beyond website. I had to order over the web stores did not have in stock. I am also using the copper peptide shampoo and leave on copper peptide leave on thickening conditioner, but use the conditioner that you have that you rinse out after your shampoo. I noticed my hair not breaking and the body I am getting is great. I will also be trying more of diCesare hair products but so far it has been great. You might want to try the oil shampoo also, just read the product line and decide.

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