Okay I am a high school student that has thick, straight, damaged ends, and a bit oily hair.  the other girls in my school have long,


wavy, and basically look like they came from a magazine and I have short mid-length hair and has been through a lot of hair


shampoos and conditioners that say they work but don't and I REALLY want to grow my hair again for summer so I would really


appreciate some help on finding some good shampoos, conditioners, remedies, or anything to get my hair long! Thanks! Smiley Happy

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I had short hair during highschool to and dreamed of long flowy hair. I always believed that my hair couldn't grow past my shoulders because it always seemed to stop there. I started really trying to grow out my hair in 2009, and I finally have hair down to my waist.


Here are my tips:


Don't over wash your hair. I wash my hair every three days, which may be to long for you. You should start by washing every other day (if you are not already), then progressing to washing every two days. The reason I do this is because the natural oils your scalp produces are beneficial to your hair and scalp. If your scalp is too oily, use a dry shampoo, I like Oscar Blandi in both the powder and spray kind.


Don't use heat. Try to refrain from blow drying more than once a week, and don't curl or straighten your hair more than once a week. I personally don't apply any heat to my hair except for blowdrying about once a month, though my hair is extremely manageable so I can get away with it.


Take vitamins and eat right. Just get the kind that says for hair and nails. (However, do some research on good vitamin brands since some of them contain less of the vitamins than they claim they have.) I personally recommend asking your doctor though, because sometimes vitamins aren't a good idea. Eating right will also benefit your hair.


Don't color your hair. I have never colored my hair, but if you do color yours, make sure that you are not bleaching it. Bleaching can cause breakage which will make your hair appear to not grow. If you do want to color your hair, get it done professionally and let them know you don't want to cause a lot of damage. Most salons also offer deep conditioning treatments, which are good to get after coloring.


Use an oil treatment in your hair after towel drying. I have used a variety, right now I am using Macadamia Healing Oil, but it is a bit pricy. Jojoba oil works well too, and you can get it for about $8 dollars at health food stores. Just take a dime size amount, more as your hair gets longer and distribute it in damp hair on the bottom 2/3 of your hair.  (Bonus, you can use that to take off makeup and as a facial moisturizer, and it works well on cuticles!)


Get trims every three months. I cut my own hair, which I don't recommend unless you can commit to losing more hair than you intended when you mess up and have to get it fixed by a professional. I use twist cutting methods (you can find videos on youtube), and have someone else even out my hair afterwards. Don't get your hair cut too often, because you might just lose what you have grown... Smiley Happy


Don't brush your hair when it is wet, use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Brushing while wet causes breakage. Also I try not to brush my hair too much, and when I do I use a boar bristle brush to distribute any oils my scalp produces.


Wearing pony tails can also cause breakage if you wear them too tight, so just don't wear your hair up everyday.


I also use deep conditioner in place of regular conditioner to make sure that my hair stays hydrated at the ends to reduce breakage.


Sorry this is so long, hope this helps!







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Ooohhh I should try this, I have been trying to grow out my hair forever. Thanks!
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