I've been struggling with volume problems for a really long time & I need help on finding an oil that adds volume to my hair but is also a heat protectant and tames frizz. Any suggestions on products or advice to add volume to my hair? 

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I have very long hair. I use Argan oil mid-way down my length, root lifter in my crown area, and a heat protector lightly on my length, concentrating in the tips, sparingly on the crown.  I have used a multitude of products from high-end to low-end, and have learned price isn't a determining factor in product effectiveness. I buy Salley's One N' Only Argan oil, L' Oreal's root lifter ( silver bottle), and Tresseme's heat protector spray. To build more volume after my blow out, I spray in Elnett's hairspray for color treated hair with UV protection (gold can with red label, and Kardashian favorite). Bumble & Bumble has another good spay, but it's more expensive. Anyway, I layer it through my root area, then gently smooth my style with a wide tooth comb, not a brush. A brush will just pull the volume right out. When building volume, the only brush you may want to utilize is a tease brush, exclusively at the roots.
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