GHD and Other Flat Iron Questions

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So about a week ago I asked if I should keep my GHD flat iron I recently purchased. I had decided to keep it , but its a big money investment. I previously owned a Hot Tools flat iron but was disapointed when it didn't style my hair as well after only 2 years. I was looking into other flat irons, and I have no idea what kind to consider getting. Something under $185 since that is the price of my GHD. The only one I refuse to buy is a CHI because they stop working so easily. Any suggestions ? Any help would be appreciated!


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Re: GHD and Other Flat Iron Questions

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I recommend you the karmin g3, it's pretty good too. I have it since last year and it's great. leaves my ahir soft, frizz less and very straight. If you are somehow interested you can check it out at safrons. com :smileyvery-happy:


Re: GHD and Other Flat Iron Questions

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I made some suggestions in your previous thread (above).


Check out a site called Folica, it gives a bit more in depth info and reviews on more brands (even more than what Sephora carries as it's a site dedicated to hair products).


I still stand by Croc, and you might want to check out T3 as well (which Sephora does carry).

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