Frizzy Hair

So, basically, my hair is a super-thick, wavy, and sometimes frizzy blonde mess.  I'm looking for some simple, natural, at-home idea to de-frizz it.  Thanks! =D

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I use this recipe "smoothie" on my thick, frizzy locks, it really does the trick. hopefully this home remedy will take care of any hair struggle you encounter this summer.



1 can of pure coconut milk (rich moisturize -  hydrates, conditions and de-frizzes hair) 

1 ripe avocado (natural source of protein - acts as strengthener and rebuilder) 
2 tablespoons of pure honey (conditions and adds sheen) 
2 tablespoons of olive oil (hydrophobic oil that acts as protecter from common weather damages)
Add ingredients to blender.  Mix at high speed until your concoction reaches a smoothie consistency.  
You can warm up your hair smoothie in the microwave before next application, but this also works cold as well.

Instructions for Use: 
Section hair into 4 segments. 
Generously apply evenly to hair, from root to ends. If your hairline is unruley will frizz, don't hesitate to lather the smoothie there.

although these ingredients seem heavy, they hydrate without gunking up you locks. i recommend leaving this mixture on for 15-20 minutes. You can also use a little bit before going into a pool,lake,ocean,etc.


Gookluck, and i hope this recipie benifits all other who suffer the cons of a humid summer!

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