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Formal Hair:)
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Hi everyone!! I am going to my first formal dance in 2 weeks. This is what my dress looks like;




I'm having a really hard time deciding on what to do with my hair so it will compliment my dress! From what I've heard, it's best to do an updo with one shoulder dresses, but I'll take any recommendations. Any ideas?? Smiley Happy


<3 beautygeek97


P.S. I have fine, naturally curly hair that's cut in long layers.



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Cute dress! I personally like a simple updo.Nothing too tight and formal. Maybe a loose low pony, possibly draped over the right shoulder (the side without the strap). I don't like the updo look for myself. So if it were me I would leave it down and pull pieces back away from my face so I wouldn't take anything away from the details on the top of the dress. Maybe a side braid to work with the Greecian style of the dress. Have fun at your formal! 



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