Dry scalp?

Hey guys,


So after doing a bit of research, I'm beginning to believe what I thought was dandruff is actually a dry, flakey scalp. I've used Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue, Paul Michelle stuff, and nothing has helped.


What do you guys recommend for dry scalps? I have very thick hair that suffers lots of heat treatment. (But that's under control with a conditioner. It's just my dry scalp that drives me nuts.)





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Hello Heirobaby! I think I know what may Help You! I had a dry scalp a couple of years ago and Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo Helped with maybe 2 washes completely Heal MyScalp. Results were Amazing fast and soothed irritation. It is I am thinking $9.00 and completely worth it. MyScalp was very sore, dry, flaking and scabbing. Yuck. Sorry, it was so Helpful to Me. I Wish You the Best!
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