Does anyone know of a great keratin treatment I can do at home?
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Yes! But beware- it will be pricey. I got a brazilian straightening at my favorite (and quite expensive and reputable) salon in New York where I live, and happened to peak at the bottle when I got it done. I have very long hair, yet it's on the medium thin/thick side, so they only charged me $250, and it lasted well into 3 months! The brand is called Rejuvenol 24 hour keratin, (by the way, the 24 hour setting time is PERFECT for my oily hair that must be washed every other day. I've also gotten the 4-day ones, and it didn't even work as well. Anyway, I logged onto amazon, because I love this product so much and it made my already pretty good hair amazing, and saw that a 16 oz bottle was about $180. One application is 2 ounces. So for 8 applications, the price is so much better if you just do it yourself compared to what the salon will charge for just one application! I hope this helps!

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