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Deep Conditioner/Conditioning Mask

My hair was long and damaged from frequent coloring. I had it cut short yesterday, however, my hair is still a bit dry. I am going to keep it short and un-dyed for at least a year. I am looking for a great deep conditioner that brings back the shine and moisture to my hair. Please advise! Thank you in advance. :smileyhappy:

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My hair is extremely dry and damaged from dying it over and over. But what works in just 30 minuets and is always at hand is mayonaise and egg. My mom showed me by cracking one egg into some mayonaise untill it was a creamy texture then putting it into my hair, focusing on the roots which were driest. after 30 mins. wash it out in the shower and put conditoner in it. let it air dry for best results. and the next day when you heat style it or whatever it comes out shiny and silky soft I swear i use it all the time! it's such a life saver.

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