Curling Irons vs. Curling Wands
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Hey guys, i have a curling iron at my house that i sometimes use, but i doesnt work that great on my hair. I was wondering if a curling wand is better or just a different method. My hair is fairly straight, a little wavy normally and its pretty longish. Thanks!

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I'm with lylysa about doing research before purchasing either. But it also depends on what you want it to actually do. Are you going to use it more for waves, curls or the all of the above?



Wands are good for nice waves with not indentation marks but thats basically it. You can use a curling iron to make waves curl the ends and straighten.


I personally have all both and sometimes it can be a hassle to use them at the same time but I love my wand to make those nice soft waves that i really can't get from a curling iron. And I am able to do a large portion in little time. I have thick long hair so a wand does it for me but have to use a curling iron for my bangs. 


Hope this helps you... and good luck

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