Confusing Dry Shampoo!
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I have been looking at dry shampoos trying to decide which one to buy, but the're all so confusing!  There are so many comments about them being bad and good and whatever else. Any inexpesive suggestions for a dirty blonde with thick hair??

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Thanks :smileyhappy:
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@taylorboo66 - Ojon's Rub-Out Dry-Cleanser is my all time fav. Try the to-go size for only $10.

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I am not a dirty blonde but my best friend is and we LOVE tresemme dry shampoo and "Pssst" dry shampoo! They're both very inexpensive and work well :smileyhappy: 

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I have the Oscar Blandi powder and the aerosol.  I personally like the powder better because I have more control over the amount.  But, I have brown hair, so I think either versions would work well for you.  I use mine on the 2nd day after washing and have gotten pretty good results.  I never used to be able to go more than a day without washing my hair and now I can.  Sephora sells a travel size Oscar Blandi dry shampoo in both the aerosol and powder, I think (I know the powder for sure)- I would try it and see if you like it.  It smells great too!

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I recommend Oscar Blandi. You can buy it at Ulta and Sephora. It comes in a little squirt bottle as shown, and also in spray cans. I prefer the spray cans because I have a hard time applying it with the squirt bottle, but everyone likes something different. 2705iA2FF7D1C3FACF3EC Its not inexpensive though. Unfortunately, this is like any other shopping experiance you're gonna have. You just have to put aside what people say and try the product out for yourself and have your own opinion. Sometimes this will mean you waste money on something that doesn't work, but other times this will mean you stubmle across a surprise purchase that you fall in love with. I hesitated a long time before I caved and bought my first can of Oscar Blandi, but now that I have gotten it, I'm glad I spent the money. It turns out I was worried about nothing.

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