Casual hair styles for thin hair?
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I have long-ish, thin, and fine hair.


I want styles that are pretty yet casual and easy to do .


My hair does well with waves and I'm looking for updos, braids, and other styles that would bode well for me and others with my kind of hairSmiley Happy


Know any? Teach me. Send me links. Whatever works:)



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Hi there! Smiley Happy Well I have an idea for you!


I love experimenting with braids and the following style is just so easy to do, so casual and yet so pretty at the same time!


1) Braid to the side. 


For this one you need to spray your hair firstly with a volumizing spray to get that voluminous hair at the roots. Then tease it to the root and volumize to your preference. Tie all your hair up, you don't have to do it perfectly, because that's the whole point to the look and make a braid going down to your side.


For the volumizing spray I highly recommend BB'S Thickening Spray, it does an immediate job at adding volume to the hair.


bb thickening spray.jpg


Lastly make sure you spray your hair to make your finishing touch last. In this case I also like BB'S Holding Spray, because it doesn't make the hair all sticky and holds the look of your hair without that mess.


bumble and bumble spray.jpg


Here's a picture of the look, it might help you visualize it a little more Smiley Happy






I hope this helps and have fun! Smiley Happy



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