Can anyone recommend a good shampoo / conditioner for dreadlocked hair?


Hello all!


My hair is super thick, and somewhat coarse. Some conditioners tend to be too heavy and leave a really gross film on my hair. Yuck - and on top of that, they don't really soften it, either! I'm definitely trying to avoid that, moving forward. 


I find that if I use anything other than an oil on my hair to keep it from drying out, it causes a lot of build up. With it being summer and all, my hair gets a lot drier than usual. The last time I was in a store, I got a sample of Alterna's conditioner (caviar, I think - it was in a dark purple bottle) and that seemed to work great! I wanted to know if anyone could recommend another conditioner (or maybe a shampoo as well!) that they think might help. 


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First, your hair looks absolutely AWESOME!  I have a couple of friends who have dreadlocks also, and they swear by Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap, which you can purchase at most natural food stores.  They stay away from commercial shampoos, most of which have conditioners that will loosen your dreads over time.  They also recommend staying away from products that will loosen, detangle or straighten the hair.  A product line called Knotty Boy also makes great products especially for dread maintenance, including a dread conditioner that won't unwind the hair.


Essential oils that won't go bad when exposed to air are great for natural hairstyles.  Check out essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, mint, and jasmine.  While they cost a pretty penny, they are great for your hair.  Plus they smell heavenly!  Plus, the tea tree oil is great for itchy scalps.


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