Can anyone recommend a good shampoo / conditioner for dreadlocked hair?


Hello all!


My hair is super thick, and somewhat coarse. Some conditioners tend to be too heavy and leave a really gross film on my hair. Yuck - and on top of that, they don't really soften it, either! I'm definitely trying to avoid that, moving forward. 


I find that if I use anything other than an oil on my hair to keep it from drying out, it causes a lot of build up. With it being summer and all, my hair gets a lot drier than usual. The last time I was in a store, I got a sample of Alterna's conditioner (caviar, I think - it was in a dark purple bottle) and that seemed to work great! I wanted to know if anyone could recommend another conditioner (or maybe a shampoo as well!) that they think might help. 


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Wow...just wow.  Please understand that I am a middle-aged white woman so I have absolute no experience with AMAZING hair like yours, but until recently, I had great success on keeping my coarse hair in line with Macadamia Natural Oil products, especially the Healing Oil Treatment (which I used daily).  I did switch to the Caviar products, but I think my problem was hormonal/age related (ouch!).  Anyway, the Macadamia Natural Oil products are available at Ulta.  Unfortunately, Sephora doesn't carry.  They do have a super small travel sized bottle so you can try before you make an investment.  The bigger bottles can run up to around $40, I think.

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