Brown Eyes, Light olive skin, brown hair to go lighter?
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Okay, so I have naturally dark brown hair, olive toned skin (but im not really tan typically) and dark brown eyes.  My hair has been highlighted and slightly damaged and sunkissed so it's not too dark anymore its more like a medium brown with highlights.  I really want to go all over lighter but I'm not sure if I should with my skin tone and hair color.  I would love to be a super light brown or dark dark blonde.  My eyes have a little gold in them so lighter hair really brings them out( my hair used to be highlighted for so long that it was pretty light all over until i died it backdark Smiley Sad ) however im not sure if i should go 'cool' or 'warm' toned or how light i should go.  I know a colorist could tell me but im still trying to convince my mom to take me plus shes also paying for it so she has to be gung ho too! so any help,tips, suggestions and what not will be so helpful and appreciated! thanks!

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