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Best styling product for bangs?

Hi dolls, I recently started wearing my side-swept bangs straight across, and I really like how it changes up my style.


The only problem is, after wearing my bangs to the side so often, it's very difficult to make the part go away when I wear them straight across without breaking out the flat iron, which feels like overkill.


Are their any good, light (I have very oily hair) styling products that could solve my problem? Smiley Happy Thanks so much in advance!

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I have fine, oily hair and I use a spray wax to hold down cowlicks and other spots that tend to stick up or not stay in the right place. I use Goldwell Signs spray wax, it gives a fluffy, piecey look without weighing down hair. The trick is to only use a tiny amount and hold the can at arm's length when spraying so you don't get a wet spot that will look clumpy. I second the recommendation of dampening and drying your hair in place, that initial placement is key, since it is much easier to "set" already placed hair.

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