Best Curling Wand Size???

Does anyone know what the best curling wand size is for the most versatile styiling? I'm between the 1" and the 3/4".... I've noticed the sultra brand curling wand has great reviews but I'm not sure why people picked one size or the other.


I've been dying to get a curling wand for a long time, and I just want to make sure I get one I love! If anyone has any tips on this that would be amazing! Thanks so much!!

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I say go for the 1" because you can create a lot of different styles with it.  The 3/4 size will give you tighter smaller curls.  I personally have a 1" curling iron that I love.


I agree--I would go with the 1" too. It's still easy to get piecey-er curls rather than big ringlets depending on how you section your hair off, but you can also still do the ringlets with the bigger barrel. 

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The 1" seems to be the universal size, that's the one I use also.
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